Meal Plans by JuliaCooks Wants To Give You Back Your Time & Easily Keep Your Family Deliciously Fed. Save Time & Money:
  •  260 Meals: Entrees & Sides - Over 400 Recipes A Year! (That's The Equivalent of 5 or 6 Cookbooks!)
  • Cooking Tips & Techniques: Insider Cooking Tips & Videos To Help You Cook Fearlessly
  •  Cooking Support From JuliaCooks: Have Technique or Menu Questions, Or Need Help? Experienced Support Is Just An E-Mail Away!
  •  Itemized Shopping Lists: Save Time & Money At The Grocery Store With Shopping Lists Itemized by Meal and by Week
  •  We Know That You Will Save Time & Money: But Most of All, You'll Always Know How To Answer, "Hey, What's For Dinner?", and Spend More Time Sharing A Delicious Rather Meal Than Worry About What To Make...
Get Organized: Recipes & Shopping Lists
Every week, we deliver 5 delicious recipes. But better than that, we give you full ingredient lists, cooking instructions, and best of all, shopping lists for the whole week - for individual meals, & the whole week. And to speed your trip through the grocery store, we organize the list by what you are likely to find together. (So, for instance, we group all the dairy ingredients together and all the produce together so you can be efficient in the aisles!)
Have A Plan: 
Don't Have Pizza Again
We love pizza, really, we do. And some days, it is exactly the right thing to have for dinner. But more often than not, the call to the pizza guy happens at the end of the day when you are tired, and you can think your way to making a dinner that everyone will like. You aren't having pizza because you want pizza. You are having pizza because you are overwhelmed. When you have a plan (and you've shopped using your nifty grocery list) knowing what's for dinner as easy. You just follow the instructions, delegate some stuff to the kids, grab a glass of wine and start cooking!
Eat Well, Together: Gather Around Great Dinners
family dinners
Great meals make everyone want to gather around the table. That's important to us at Julia Cooks HQ. After all, we have 5 kids with busy schedules and dinner time is a time for us all to meet together and share - it matters. Meal Plans by JuliaCooks makes it easy to know what you are going to have for dinner and the itemized shopping lists make it easy to get organized. Simple, easy to follow prep and cooking instructions make creating a dinner that everyone can't wait to sit down for easy to do. And Meal Plan subscribers get access to our team of experienced cooks to answer questions that you might have.
save time and money with meal plans by juliacooks
What Is Meal Plans by JuliaCooks All About?
Hi. My name is Julia & I run a personal chef & baking business near Boston. But I am also a Mom - I have a big busy family. So  let me tell you a bit about why I started Meal Plans by JuliaCooks.

The quick answer - necessity! I feed 7 people everyday and this is along with the usual things that we all do: working, driving to activities, picking up from school, helping with school work, trying to not have the house remain a total disaster, and attempting to keep an eye towards joy throughout. Being organized is essential and when I am not, I regret it.
The longer answer? Necessity, nostalgia, being tied in to my community.  Necessity, answered above. Nostalgia? This one comes with a small but treasured memory from my childhood.  My mother, a wonderful cook and conscientious “experience maker”, would write out and post on the refrigerator the meals for the week.  I loved looking it over and seeing if any of my favorites were on deck (plenty of which will surely show up in coming weeks of meal plans).  I still have a memory particularly of seeing lemon ice as a dessert one day. She made delicious lemon ice. So, writing out my meal plans brings me back to those days and helps me feel like I bring my kids a piece of the grandma they never knew.
And the community part?  That is tied in with both my work as a personal chef and baker and being a fan of town and group lists and pages.  People talk and I listen and I often hear the familiar refrain of, “what do I cook?” and, “how do I get more organized?”  Well, this is one way. Searching for recipes and even sitting down to make a shopping list (and we all know what a disaster it can be if we go into the store without one - bags of groceries and still nothing to cobble into a meal!) is time consuming.  I want to take that one thing off your plate so you can more easily put dinner on it.
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"... Perfect Combination Of Exciting And Approachable..."
I love Meal Plans by JuliaCooks (and so do my roommates!). I don't have a lot of experience cooking and Julia's meals are the perfect combination of exciting and approachable. Her recipes are clear and the ingredients are healthy and affordable. I would definitely recommend for any college student, recent grad, or anyone else looking to try something new and delicious. Thanks Julia!
Elianna - CO
"... Your Caesar Salad Dressing Hack Is Genius..."
Meal Plans by JuliaCooks brightens my day when it hits my in-bin. I consider myself an accomplished cook and I’m still learning. I find your recipes easy to follow - not to mention delicious. Your Caesar Salad Dressing hack is genius and has joined my permanent repertoire... 
Ruthanne - FL
"...It Just Makes It SO Easy..."
...your sloppy joes are just delicious...and best of all, after work, I just grab my shopping list and I breeze through the store...
Judy - MA
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